The trailer of Bollywood actor Vicky Kaushal starrer Bhoot Part-1: Haunted Story has been released. The trailer that followed the film poster and teaser also looks quite overwhelming.

The trailer of the film looks scary and it is believed that the trailer may be liked by the people. The story of a ship is shown in the trailer. There is something strange about it. There is a discussion about this and Vicky Kaushal is trapped among the ghosts in this ship.

‘Bhoot’ will be released in theaters on February 21st. The film ‘Bhoot’ is made under the banner of Dharma Production.

A few hours before the trailer release, Vicky also shared a photo. While sharing the photo, he wrote, ‘Boogieman is back in town and he cannot remain calm’. His excitement can be seen clearly in photos and captions. The producer of the film Karan Johar has also shared the trailer of the film.